Are we running out of water?

A lot of times we have heard how important water to our world is. In the last years you get to see news about how whole cities or country regions get almost off potable water. So these things lead us to believe the water is less in our world. But this is not the case. The planet earth is not running out of water.

Most of our planet is made of water. But around 1-3% of the total amount of water in the earth is “potable”, according to various websites (There´s even one that says that it´s less, but I am taking what the majority says). But how much water is this 1-3%? It is an around 29,000,000 cubic kilometer, which is as you may imagine a lot of water. You may take in count also that this quantity of “sweet water” counts also the evaporated and freeze water in places like Greenland.

The media and the ambient web pages normally are very scandalous in these themes; they say that the water is getting over because there are too many people in this world so we can´t survive and we need to save it. But, is this the real problem? The facts lead us to a no. The earth “contains huge quantities of water in its oceans, lakes, rivers, the atmosphere, and believe it or not, in the rocks of the inner Earth.” (Webster).

Over millions of years, much of this water is recycled between the inner Earth, the oceans and rivers, and the atmosphere. This cycling process means that “freshwater is constantly made available to Earth’s surface where we all live.” (Webster) so we have no reasons to worry about getting out of water. Still, this cycle of the water means that the water we may use today was used yesterday, and tomorrow the same water will be used by another person. This gives us enough reasons to take care of how we use the water and to check from where the water comes to our home.

Still, there are problems of people who don´t have potable water near them. Some people in different countries have issues getting some water to their houses, but this is not because there´s not enough water for the people on earth. The people doesn´t get water easily in every part in the world because “half of the world’s freshwater can be found in only six countries.” (Webster). This is of course something very unfair letting: “More than a billion people…” living “…without enough safe, clean water.”(Webster).

So water can be a product very hard to find in the future, still if the planet can´t get empty of it. This because a lot of water is used in excess in some countries and some others just don´t have enough for all the people. There are people in a lot of countries who live in areas away from the cities and this make hard for them to get water. So we can just not worry about water because one day these persons who walk miles to get some water could be us. The water may not be over, but it can go far if we don´t use correctly.



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